365 Grateful

I have been a little obsessed with Hailey Bartholomew for a few years now. She is a photographer and film maker (www.youcantbeserious.com.au) and her work is truly beautiful and inspiring. I first discovered her project 365 Grateful  www.365grateful.com  when i was living overseas. My mother-in-law would so thoughtfully post me my fav magazines from home. In one of them was an article on Hailey and her project and I remember tearing the pages out and sticking them on my fridge.   You must go and read her story for yourself but in a nut shell after having children she felt unhappy and depressed and on taking some advice went about photographing one thing everyday for a year that she was grateful for.  I started this myself a while ago, not that I was feeling depressed so much, but I just felt that life was passing me by soooooooo fast and my children are growing so quickly!! With the stress of work and family I needed to stop and smell the roses and really appreciate the little things. Her latest video is a must see of an amazing woman who shares her story of how doing small moments of daily gratitude got her through an incredibly tough time... (p.s. you'll need some tissues) Nx